All the information on silk

Silk varieties

There are different kinds of silk.
The most important varieties are discussed below.

Filament silk/net silk

Filament silk is obtained from the continous fiber of the cocoon.
This filament which usually measures over 1000m is simply spooled before being processed.
Correctly treated filament silk is the finest and most shiny kind of silk.

Coarse silk / silk waste

Coarse silk obtained from the scraps which accumulate during silk production.
Due to the shortness of its fibers, it always contains remainders of the cocoon and sericin.
Coarse silk is considered an inferior product.

Dupion / Silk Dupioni

More information on dupion soon.

Silk of the Mulberry silkworm (bombyx mori)

On account of its extremely fine and regular fibers this silk is considered to be of the highest quality available.

Silk Noile

More information on silk noile soon.

Floret silk

Floret silk is made from medium length fibers (up to 15cm).
Compared to filament silk it looks matte and soft.

Silk of the Japanese or "tensan" Silk Moth

This species produces a coarser, golden yellow fiber of a less regular structure.
The Japanese Silk Moth lives freely in many parts of the Far East.
The silk is thicker and less shiny.
Colors appear refracted.